Little Inventors

Izi Morley

London, U.K.
Magnificent maker2 brought to life

Skills:Soft prop and object prototyping. Leather work. Patterncutting and garment construction. Paper cutting and modelling. Hat making. Fine metalwork. Illustration

Izi is a leather worker and costume fabricator based in South London. She tackles a broad range of projects from antique leather restoring to futuristic sportswear prototypes.

Recent project reports

Lights at night
Posted about Love Heart Jacket by Maesie

Testing the Love heart jacket out and about at night time.

Shine bright like a love heart
Posted about Love Heart Jacket by Maesie

Finished love heart jacket. Hearts attached with stitching and Velcro on front and back. New heart shape hood looking great in day and night!

Heart shaped hood
Posted about Love Heart Jacket by Maesie

Stitching the hood into a heart shape. Making a new red heart hood section with lights and hi-vis piping