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Memory-o-Matic invention in Sharjah

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A Belfast schoolgirl has invented a machine that detect emotions and projects a picture of a person you love who has died.

Rosa Holmes, nine, was was one of 180 pupils who took part in the ‘Little Inventors: Home’ project and was inspired to create the ‘Memory-O-Matic’ following the death of her grandmother.

Now the P6 pupil at Forge Integrated Primary School is preparing to travel to the United Arab Emirates to see her invention on display at the Sharjah Biennial Children’s Festival.

Her invention was one of eight designs that was chosen to be manufactured as prototypes.

‘Little Inventor’ Rosa Holmes ‘Little Inventor’ Rosa Holmes She said: "My main inspiration was my granny and grandad. My granny died not long before we were asked to make an invention, and I thought it would be nice to have a machine that can project a picture of the person you have loved, play a song that reminds you of happier times, or retell a story you would like to hear again.

"Also my granda has had a few strokes and he finds it hard to find things and remember appointments, and he gets confused – the Memory-O-Matic invention is an invention that can be programmed to remind you what appointments you have, where you’ve left your keys, or call someone if you need them.

"This would calm the person down and maybe ease some of their confusion, anxiety and frustration, which would allow people who are sad, have dementia or have had strokes, to live independently for longer and they would be happier.

Rosa was one of 180 pupils from six different schools who took part in the ‘Little Inventors: Home’ project – part of Belfast City Council’s wider (Y)Our Home initiative .

Working with the Nerve Belfast Creative Learning Centre, pupils were asked to come up with ideas for inventions on the theme and meaning of ‘home’, and what ‘home’ could mean for future generations.

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So impressive was Rosa’s invention, that it has been selected to be exhibited at the Sharjah Biennial Children’s Festival in the UAE next week, alongside other creations from Little Inventors across the world.

Barry Brennan, Programme Coordinator at the Nerve Belfast Creative Learning Centre , said: “The inventions are a fantastic showcase of the talent, creativity and imagination of the ‘little inventors’ who were able to invent practical solutions to address some of the problems and challenges that they, or those around them, encounter in their daily lives.

‘Little Inventor’ Rosa Holmes (9) celebrates her success with classmates at Forge Integrated PS in Belfast ‘Little Inventor’ Rosa Holmes (9) celebrates her success with classmates at Forge Integrated PS in Belfast “It was fantastic to work with these entrepreneurial young people to turn eight into real prototypes, from over 180 fantastical, funny and perfectly practical ideas submitted.

“We’re delighted that Rosa has been invited to showcase her prototype and represent her school and Northern Ireland on the international stage. We can’t wait to hear all about her adventures when she returns.”

Rosa’s teacher, Gillian Wood, said the entire school was very proud of Rosa and her invention.

She added: “This is really exciting for Rosa and her family; to be heading to the UAE on an all-expenses-paid trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we can’t wait to hear all about Rosa’s visit.

“Little Inventors was a brilliant project for the school to be involved in as it tapped in to the STEM part of our curriculum and it was a great way to get the children engaged and see their ideas come to life.”